Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anyone see Obama on the Daily Show?

Jon Stewart joked to Obama that the Bradley effect might make half of him want to vote for the white guy, since after all, Obama is half white. Doonsebury didn't miss a beat with it either:

(strip link here)

At what point does someone cease to be black (or white)? When they're a 1/4 black? an 1/8th? Who decides? (Sure doesn't seem like the person has much of a choice with these labels)

And let's be honest, I've met blacks who immigrated from Africa, and they're skin tone is waaay darker than any African American. Must be the mild weather here.

It looks like we've taken another step in the direction of reason. As any geneticist will tell you, there's more genetic diversity among one tribe of chimps than all 6 billion humans. All humans are genetically different by less than 1%.

We truly are all brothers and sisters.

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