Saturday, January 17, 2009

Circuit City: Liquidation Sale in Seattle/Lynnwood= Suck

My daughter and I went to Circuit City, so I could teach her the fine art of vulture consumerism.  But alas, there was no lesson there for her, except that big subwoofers make scary sounds when attached to DVD players playing horror movies.

Here's the lowdown:
  • CD & DVDs, right now about 10% - 20% off marked price
  • Car Audio 30% off for in dash CD players & the like.
  • TVs:  didn't see any sales reduction.  Maybe 10%??
  • Headphones:  30% off.  Only thing I bought there was a pair of Sony phones for $15 (usually $20 before taxes)
  • All accessories are 30% off (wires, cables, etc) 
  • Stuff over by the camera gear was about 10% off

Ummm, that's about it right now.  I'm sure prices will fall more over the next few days/weeks, but then it'll be only dregs.

Some other shoppers at the store said that their friend in LA went to a Circuit City & most things were 75% off.  Probably a nightmare there too.

The Circuit City website alludes to each store's liquidation being managed locally.  So prices may vary.  At least none of us got trampled to death while we were there :)

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