Sunday, October 17, 2021

Additional Projects

Here are some projects that I'm proud to share, especially the most recent jacket modification:

AdaFruit Circuit Design & Scripting, 3D Design & Printing, Sewing:

This project is something I've wanted to do for a long time, and finally had a compelling reason to do it. I mean, who doesn't want glowing 3D printed barnacles on the back of their jacket?!?


Here's my (abbreviated) process:
I measured that panel of my jacket:

I sewed a piece of denim that would fit that spot. I modified my original idea to include room for a pocket to hold the battery (upper right). Clasps were sewn onto it and the jacket

I sewed on Flora NeoPixels, using 2ply conductive thread:

Backside of jacket attachment, showing clasps & conductive thread

I 3D printed a housing for a Gemma M0, and attached that to the jacket:

3D printed housing for Gemma M0 Microcontroller

I designed the barnacles in Maya, exported to Cura and made a few iterations to best work with the jacket

Barnacle design in Maya
Nine of the same barnacle designs in Cura, ready to print
Fitting a Flora Neopixel into a 3D printed Barnacle


Once it was all together, I scripted different patterns for the design:

Jacket Modification attached to computer with USB cable

Final result (see above for video!)

Attachement Snapped onto Jacket, and lit

3D Printing:

In addition to the above jacket attachment and three PPE mask sewing templates I designed and shared on Thingiverse, I also have also designed snowflakes, and helped a friend replace a lost chess piece.


This snowflake was designed in Illustrator, but because it had a more complicated grouping than other designs I've made, it wasn't working well in Tinkercad. Some of the holes were still filled in, no matter what settings I changed. So, I took the SVG from Illustrator into Blender, and extruded the shape there, exported an STL, and then sliced it in Cura. 

The takeaway is to not be tied to any given pipeline when designing something. 

Custom Snowflakes I made for family

Chess Pawn

A close friend of mine knew I had a 3D printer, and wanted to replace a missing chess piece from a set he got in Mexico. He presumed I also had a way to 3D scan items. I figured out how to do it with my iPhone 7, and a free version of 3DF Zephyr Free. After taking 30 photos of the piece outdoors on a cloudy day, I was able to get it to successfully reconstruct! Not bad for a shiny object. I took it into maya to clean it up a little, and to make a solid base. From there, I exported an STL and brought into Cura for slicing.

Reconstruction in Zephyr Free

Here they are next to the original piece, after I hand painted them (always make a backup):

Miniature painting techniques paid off!

And, here is is reunited with the rest of the set:

Sets, Props, and Motion Capture:

Taken from my time at Bungie, this showcases my ability to solve all sorts of problems by making props and set pieces, usually with limited time and resources:
2019 Troy McFarland Mocap Demo Reel

Pictured: the incredible mocap actor, Richard Sloniker!

Art From Scratch:

I tried to make a painting completely from scratch! I made several pigments and met Theodore Gray in the process, but have yet to complete this project. Something to hop back on at some point:
Troy McFarland, Art From Scratch


Copper + vinegar = (toxic) blue/green crystals!

Rock Video:

I wrote, produced, directed, edited, and carved/sculpted the puppets for this rock video by Vinni Blue:
Vinni Blue: Forever


Vinni Blue

Gravity Paintings:

I create paintings that change color depending on the angle they are viewed. Link to one of my faves:
Gravity Painting #10


As seen from the front, click link for other views


After learning the basics of Ableton Live, I challenged myself to make an album in one week. I hesitate to post this, as it seems like everyone has an album these days. But, I'm very excited to continue to dive into Ableton. In conjunction with Max for Live, I would have the ability to make some very interesting installation pieces that can take real time data/input to affect compositions and even lighting!
1 Week 1 Album Challenge

List of genres we came up with to work on. Dice roll determined: lo-fi chiptunes!

Friday, December 18, 2020

The Great Pizza Review of the 2020-2021 Pandemic

We heard about a friend who was having frozen pizza from famous locations across the country mailed to him. Intriguing. I looked into it, and we found that it was prohibitively expensive, for the quantity anyway. So, we moved forward with a new plan: get a list of the most recommended provisioners of pizza in the Pacific Northwest. Well, the greater Seattle area, anyway. First up: 

Zeek’s Pizza

When I first came to Seattle in 1999, this was the place my friends said was unique to the city. It’s solid. A perennial favorite. One of our friends turned me onto the bacon pesto breadsticks for this review, so let’s start with those:

These are salty, savory, tasty. A cut above with a variety of evolving flavors than the typical breadstick. My wife pointed out that these are cheater sticks: pizza dough cut into sticks. She’s not wrong, but I don’t care. They go well with ranch and washed down with Hunniwater Kindness Green Apple Lime.
Now onto the pizza itself. Here are the remains of our first meal: 

On the left is their Yeti; Chicken, Bacon, Tomato, Red Onion, Parmesan with an Alfredo Sauce Base, They are essentially savory bread sticks pre-dipped. They go great with ranch. Some people with delicate palates would prefer something more subtle. I have admittedly simpler tastes. I like primary and bold color combinations. I like salt and juicy goodness, digestive tract be damned later that evening, no matter how many lactaids I take. This fits that bill.

On the right is their Puget Pounder. Original ingredients are Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian Sausage, Mushroom, Black Olive. We subbed out the mushrooms (which, let's be honest, have such a subtle taste they might as well not even be on food. They look like cartoon dog noses anyway) with pineapple, as per my daughter's request. They covered half with the Pineapple. I can't tell if that was a mistake, or a suggestion. I had slices of both. The sauce, almost squeaky mozz and mid-crust reminds me of Pizza Baron in Portland and an unnamed parlor on the way to Mt Hood. (Theirs are a little thinner, with more corn meal on the bottom, and big bubbles showcasing exposed sauce with all the little triangular cracks on the edge. I miss both.) I say mid crust, where the cheese skates a little on the sauce when bitten. This is tasting nostalgia. I don't care how many people are going to talk about the merits of New York vs Chicago vs Detroit pizza. THIS is the heart of Pacific NW pizza. This essence. This experience.
Nostalgia is a powerful drug. It reminds us of sledding and 3-1 snowball fights with the whole family pitted against Dad, and he still would get the upper hand, throwing into the branches of the trees where we took shelter, raining all their snow down upon us. Heading back to the truck, socks wet and feet frozen, exhausted to a pizza parlor where the stucco ceiling stalactites hung at least three feet down, like a battery of swords of Damocles, while we ate the best thing in all of creation.

Zeek's is a good starting point for this review. It's easy to ignore it when you are busy playing on your Nintendo Switch, and pounding a beer or a bong. But pay attention to it a little bit, and it will let you know that you live on stolen land, among the trees. And you want to make peace with all that is here to truly belong.

Friday, December 11, 2020

More album covers

 I’d better get these up here before all of them get deleted from my phone!

Looks like the mobile website has a hard time organizing the pics though. Meh.

From the inside of a paint can

Paint can insides again

Butter drop

Sick beets

Paint palate 

Split pea soup!

Getting Tired of Facebook

Besides the fact that staying in one's own echo chamber has done a wonderful job of dividing our country, the fact that the albums I create on Facebook keep getting randomly deleted is really annoying. I created a THIRD version of my "Album Covers" album today. Those are photos I've taken that *feel* like they should be on an album cover.

It's so easy to post photos on Facebook. Click on image from phone, upload. Not so easy to update my Blogs (maybe I should see if they have an iPhone app... oh look, I just figured out how to do this on the mobile site!)

Ok, great! Here are 4 I just shot of the colors on my wall, from the interactions of Christmas Tree lights and tree/ornament shadows. Obviously, I’ll use these for my LDB mashup 😀

Monday, January 15, 2018

Phoenix: From the Phoenix Fest to a Community Member's House

More words and thoughts soon.  Pictures now!
Phoenix in January 2018, at a friend's house!

A Rainy New Year, but the Phoenix stands tall!
A Rainy New Year, but he Phoenix Stands Tall!
What it Looked like in 2002 at Burning Man:

What it originally looked like for the Phoenix Fest in 2001:

What *I* looked like in 2001!

Original Concept Art: