Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Golf Swing (kids, don't try this at home)


Earlier today my friends & I went golfing.  Steve was kind enough to film my swing with my iPhone.  Images are below.  The weirdest frame is the frame right before I hit the ball.  The club appears to be bent forward.  This may the Jello Effect, or it may be because the golf club head is getting ahead of the rest of the shaft.

If it's the jello effect, then it implies that the fastest part of my swing is before I hit the ball.  Not optimal.

If it's the actual club bending, it implies that I slow down my swing midswing, then pick up the pace again by point of contact.  Or that my shaft is springing at the wrong time, or something.

Anyway, check out the images below, and feel free to make suggestions!

Note: Pictures are not evenly spaced through time.  They are chosen for their specific poses.