Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh is my Destiny!

I want to get to "Our Dynamic Earth" in Edinburgh.

Please help me!  My tracking code on the Geocaching website is: TB65AP2

Here's my info from the Geocaching webpage:

Please get me to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, Scotland!  When my owner visited there in April, one of the younger male employees recognized where he worked by seeing a logo on him.  I also carry that logo with me.  (as well as another image).

This will be an Epic journey from Seattle to Edinburgh.  I expect it to take me a couple of years, and the employee may not work there when I get there!  If that employee no longer is there, any employee there who already geocaches can take me and keep the logo before sending me on my way again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Body Painting Examples

For those interested in getting painted at this year's Solcycles part of the Fremont Parade, here are some samples of my work!

Done with Steve Bradford
 This one requires a LOT of silver spray paint.  The words require liquid latex to be painted on the person, and then rubbed with silver dust.  Steve nailed this technique, and I haven't done it since.  I did paint the dove, however!

Steve himself.  The line art is a lot of fun!
The elements.
She came to me a little upset, because the two tones of blue didn't match.  She wanted me to do the detail work.  I thought that it was one of the best 'happy accidents' ever, this blue gradation!

Fluffy clouds!!
I totally rock the fluffy cloud technique!  One of my favorite pieces :)

We had limited time, so I painted as many of these spots on her as I could in the few moments before everyone got the group photo and left.

C with the wonderful John C.

Rider lying down for the 'gravity detail work'

Literally throwing paint on people.  I call this technique "gravity Painting".  Here's my Gravity Painting Blog

Another Gravity Painting example

Yet still another :)