Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weird Shit Part 1

Thought I'd start compiling all the weird things that have happened to me. I'm sure there's a completely reasonable explanation for all of them, but the easiest one I can think of is "God has a serious sense of humor".

When I was an incoming Freshman at the UofO, I had to choose a locker in the arts buildings, to keep my art gear. There were hundreds of lockers that were available to me. The first one I opened had a piece of notebook paper in it that said "Reserved for A. McFarland"


Being that I am in fact "a McFarland", I felt like it was perfectly OK for me to take the locker. I later found out that someone named "Aaron McFarland" was planning on attending the UofO for his sophomore year, but never made it. I *still* have that piece of paper somewhere, and if I find it, I'll scan it & update this post.

Sidenote, My wife's name starts with an A. Is it possible that the paper held a prophecy, saying that in fact *I* was reserved for her?!?!

The mind boggles.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Food of the Gods Part II

OK, here's the anti-ostentatious meal number 2:

On the morning I was to be made a Master Mason, I knew it was going to be a long day. There were to be ten men raised that day (7 in our Lodge & three from other Lodges. Details here: June 2009 Trestleboard ). And I need to snack constantly, or suffer from low blood sugar evils such as shakiness and general crabbiness.

To aid me in the endeavor, I made a meal fit for such an event:

Note, I would have preferred to use Marmite, but substituted Vegemite as I was out.

All the ingredients:
Toast, eggs, Vegemite, Almond Butter, Mayo, Braggs Liquid Aminos, Tillamook cheddar

Nearly assembled in all its splendor:

Complete with 'uber-secret' symbology. As in not secret at all. Go check wikipedia or "Freemasons for Dummies" for details on the meaning of the square & compass... although the knives & forks also have a special meaning to Masons ;)

Don't worry I'm not breaking any vows here even if I did tell you about them. Brother Chris Hodapp is just so much more elegant than I :)

Food of the Gods Part I

Alyssa told me that some of her friends post photos on Facebook of ostentatious photos of food that they've either cooked or had when they went to a fancy restaurant. To counter such foolishness, I thought I'd post some of my own down to earth/bachelor style creations. Tonight's was this:

Spaghetti (with a little salsa thrown in), cut up hot dog (I got the idea from SpaghettiOs with sliced franks), and grated cheese on top.