Thursday, February 10, 2011

What the Heck Does This Troy Guy Look Like, Anyway?

Good question.  Here's a shot of what I looked like a couple of mornings ago.  I really need a haircut, and was enjoying the bangs in my eyes.  You know that head pointed down & eyes looking up thing that the girls do on dating sites?  I don't think it works so well with the guys.  This first shot is post-Photoshop (lightly touched).  As always, click on images for larger versions :)

Here's the raw image:

I gotta admit, there's bags under my eyes in the morning.  Not very flattering.

Here's my shot I'll use if I want to run for office, or impress the Republican crowd:

Here's a good one of the family:

One right after a dust storm at Burning Man before my daughter was born:  (goggles just removed)

And finally, a shot of me in a funky golf tournament outfit taken two years ago:

Oh yea, and here's me climbing the downtown REI indoor rock strcuture thingy.  Only after I climbed it did I notice it looks like a huge studded penis.  Honestly!