Monday, August 17, 2009

Lotte's Memorial

Last weekend, the we went down to Portland for my aunt Lotte's memorial service. She had passed away in Georgia a couple of months ago, but most of her family lived in Oregon. Her husband Bill flew out & arranged a memorial service with the help of Lotte's daughter & my Mom. I want to thank Bill again for the memorial. It really helped the family to get together and celebrate her life.

It was great to see my cousins and other family members again.

I debated making this two separate entries, because I have a bunch of commercial links to the places I visited below on the same weekend, and don't think that gels really well with a tribute to a family member. But, I'm tired, and want to wrap up this blog entry.

So pretend the entry ends here.

New entry:

We also had a few few firsts this weekend:

Ravenna had her first sleepover, and it was a success! After the memorial service, she went with my sister & her cousins back to their house, while Alyssa & I met a friend of mine at Powell's Bookstore.

We then walked down to Voodoo Donut & waited in line for one of the weirdest & most rewarding donuts I've ever experienced: Grape Ape.

I saw this artwork there, and it reminds me of something done by an artist I know but can't quite place the name. If anyone knows who did this piece, please tell me!

On the way back, we visited Jackpot Records, where I got a CD by the band Satan's Pilgrims (MySpace link) Their music is perfectly represented by their album cover! Retro goodness!

On Sunday, I played nine holes with my Dad at Springwater Golf (no webpage, but at this web listing). It was the first time I ever beat my dad at a sport in recent memory! Yea, I'm working out my issues, and smoking him on a golf course is a great way to do it! I'm not saying I played well (I only shaved 3 strokes off my game compared to the last time I played there) but does that matter when you've got gloating rights!?!?! I think not.