Monday, January 9, 2012

Washington Whiskey Watch has been created!

Hey there,
In response to the passage of I-1183, I have created a group called "Washington Whiskey Watch"

The goal is to ensure that the reasons why people voted for the bill actaully happen.  Those are:
  • More Convenience (better hours and more locations)
  • Lower Prices
  • More Variety
    • Especially that of local micro-distillers
  • Finally and most importantly, don't forget that WA State had the highest no-sale-to-minors record in the union, at 94% compliance. We need to continue to meet or beat that record.

Please search Facebook for the term "Washington Whiskey Watch" and like it for the most recent updates.

The facebook address is:

I'll also get this up on Google+ as soon as they enable the "Alcohol Related" option for page creation.

I also have a Blogger blag about this.  It's address is
Right now it just directs people to the Facebook page.

Anyone know how I can update Blogger, Facebook & Google+ at the same time?