Friday, June 7, 2013

Golf Pros & Cons



  • MANY courses employ environmental stewardship best practices
  • When properly designed, they can become habitats for animals.  In some urban zones, they are often the only green space available.  Having a golf course near environmentally sensitive areas can help protect those areas from over development.

  • CONS

  • MANY courses use too much water, fertilizer & pesticides.  And, they are primarily for cosmetic reasons.
  • Improperly designed golf courses can ruin wildlife refuges that used to exist in the area, or nearby.
  • Some clubs are exclusive and fosters a have/have not society

  • Golf Digest's 2008 issue on Golf & the Environment was a real 'game changer' (pardon the pun!) regarding this topic.  In a nutshell: they changed their review process of courses.  They don't judge on color of the grass anymore, but rather playability.  Dry, yellow grass is now OK away from the putting green.  As these reviews drive reputation & sales, this takes a LOT of pressure off courses to use costly chemicals.  And, using less water not only saves them money, but the water can now me used for more important things, like crop irrigation.


  • Healthy long term activity that people can play for many, many years (unlike football, basketball, etc)
  • Game Environment that fosters FLOW
  • Challenges oneself
  •     Giving your best, and being OK with what you are given.
  •     Being present to the shot at hand, and not thinking about past mistakes
  •     Overcoming anger in frustrating situations
  •     Becoming calm and level headed in wonderful/exciting situations
  • A chance to get together with friends
  • A chance to be with family
  • Encourages dedication, discipline, honesty and integrity

  • Time not being spent producing anything (can also be considered a PRO)
  • Expensive equipment prevents people with lower incomes from playing
  • Used equipment is slightly better, but still expensive.
  • Takes 4-6 hours to play a round, too long in a fast paced world.
  • Does not *really* cater to youth market (in spite of The First Tee's best efforts)
  • Spendy Windows