Monday, July 20, 2015

CNW First Annual Invitational Foam Golf Ball Rules

I just got back from Critical Northwest, an event produced by Ignition Northwest.
I hosted five impromptu pasture golf rounds at the event!  Everyone who attended was surprised at how much more fun they had!  Also, using foam golf balls made it much more accessible! We didn't have to worry if we hit anyone.

Example flags for the course.

The course had six holes, each about 30-45 yards apart.  With foam golf balls and the longest club being a 9-iron, it made a decent challenge for par 3s.

These are the modified rules that we came up with for the event:

  • Each person is responsible for any damage to person or property by errant shots, improper club wielding, unmatched argyle, and/or poor life choices.

  • Yell "INCOMING!" if you hit a stray shot
  • Replace Divots (aka Trump Toupees)
  • Do not throw or break clubs
  • Wait until ball stops before you hit is again
  • Lift pinky when drinking Scotch on course
  • If you hit a bad tee shot and can retrieve the ball while holding your breath, it does not count as a stroke (once per tee box)
  • If you swing the club and it doesn't connect with the ball, it does not count as a stroke.
  • If you hit any person with your ball it does NOT count as a stroke (foam balls FTW!)
    •  If you hit any Ranger or DPW, take TWO strokes off the current hole
Ball Placement
  • You can move your resting ball up to one foot in any direction to improve your lie.
Holing out
  • If the ball lands one club length + 1 foot of the hole, it is considered holed. 
    • Longest club used by you or your opponents is used for measuring
Scorecard:  I am a glutton for pun-ishment

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Disclaimer: the rounds and rules I created are not an 'official' sponsored event by Ignition NW.  I made this up out of whole cloth.  Some relate *directly* to the event (Rangers & DPW as targets)