Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gravity Painting #2 3/18/2012

Today I made a new gravity painting.  This is gravity painting number two, on wood panel.  Physical elements that had a contributing effect this time include a bit of wind, but mostly a light misting of Pacific Northwest rain (of course, without the sunlight & gravity, these wouldn't be possible at all.  But you knew that already).  You can see it's effects in one of the details of blue paint.
Please click on the paintings for a larger view.

This detail shows how different types of paint have different properties. Same blue, different thickness.  The color change is from a Pacific Northwest misting.

 This detail shows the process a bit. I don't always end the strokes on the canvas.

Another detail showing different paint thicknesses. Paint is still drying, this may look quite different in a few days

Upper left detail. After making several white paint gravity strokes, I then used a dry brush to move the paint around, resulting in this higher frequency area.