Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gravity Painting #4: New Tools

This painting was done on 3/25/2012.  I thought I'd try a few new tools for this gravity painting, along with some different brands of paint.  Below are the tools I tried.  Notice that both blenders have cardboard masks attached to keep the paint flying in only one direction.  I wasn't very impressed with the effect, but I really like what the egg beater and the wire tongs with black handles can do.

Here is the start of laying down the Background colors with my faithful assistant, Ms. R.
 After blending these colors a bit.  I assure you that Ms. R is not picking her nose in this shot.  Just scratching it.
 The thin, small splatters are what happens when you spin the eggbeater really fast.  In other shots, when you see a wobbly thin line, it is either from the egg beater, or from the tongs.
The result from a Restuarant Ketchup container, filled with partially mixed acrylic, paints and additional medium.  It reminds me of what chefs do with chocolate drizzlings that are then pulled off wax paper & used for decoration.
 The result of applying the top layer of paint before the background is dry, then hitting it with a dry brush.  It's an effect that could be used to one's advantage, but it doesn't work well in this piece.
 This is why I only partially mix some paints when they are loaded into the ketchup containers.  I loke the depth and complexity shown in the paint.

Background blending brushes drying after cleaning.

Here is the final piece, poorly stitched together in Photoshop (next time I'll bring a ladder).
Seriously, click on the image for detail :)